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Mount Everest is just another mountain peak for the most ignorant of people, but for the rest, even just the name fills us with a sense of grandeur and challenge, one that almost everyone in the world would like to accomplish. However, reaching the highest summit on earth is not an everyday feat. It takes a perfect amalgamation of physical fitness, mental alertness and zeal to finally conquer the top of the world. So, for the ones who cannot make it all the way, just reaching to the Everest base camp of the world’s summit is also a great victory. There are a number of trekking packages that take you to the base camp area where you can enjoy all the natural, cultural and unique experiences as the summit climbers do. To make your trip to the base camp area even more worthwhile, here are a number of tips for exciting and fun things to do during Everest base camp trekking.

 Explore the Everest Base Camp

Everest base camp trek

The final destination of the trek is the base camp where the mountain climbers set up their camp before starting their expedition.  For EBC trekkers, the camp is the end resting point, so you might as well make the stay worthwhile. The camp is filled with different groups getting ready for their expeditions. So, you can roam around meeting different interesting and motivated people from different parts of the world with one goal in mind- scaling the highest summit. As there are snowfalls and avalanches occurring here from time to time, one can enjoy them while sipping hot coffees, viewing the panoramic view of the Himalayan range or just chilling with your trekking team inside the tents. The insides of the tent are just as interesting as the outsides – with games, movies, yoga sessions, getting acquainted with different parts of the world- all in one place. Scaling the ice around the tents is also one of the most exciting things to do around the base camp area.

 Mingle with other trekkers

Everest Base Camp trekker

Throughout the Everest base camp trek, you will be following the most popular and busy trails of the region. During peak seasons, a number of lone backpackers and groups of tourists are encountered on the trips. It is a great experience to meet so many people from different nationalities and culture and a great opportunity to share each others’ life experiences and culture and get to learn different languages, lifestyles and facts about the world. It could be a blessing - being friends with people from all corners of the world.

Visit the colorful Monasteries

Tengboche Monastary Everest Base Camp Trekking

Everest is not just known for its  beautiful mountain views. The Everest region is also known for it unique Sherpa culture and spirituality. The Monastaries in the Everest region are usually setup in the hill saddle with an amazing mountain views. Your visit to the Monasteries in Everest region will definitely  be spiritually and culturally insightful for your ever wandering soul.

Get close to Nature

Everest Base Camp Short Trekking

The trek takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city life of the country. You get a chance to live the life of rural Nepal as people base their lives completely on the natural resources. The trails pass through valleys and fields, mid hills and upper alpine areas of the mountain region. One can witness majestic Himalayan peaks, rivers and streams, beautiful rhododendron and pine forests and a number of animals, birds and insects throughout the trek. You can even choose to camp for overnight stay so that you can have the ultimate natural experience.

 Live the Sherpa life.

Sherpa culture and Everest base Camp trek

Most of the inhabitants in the Himalayan regions are of the Sherpa community, including your guides and porters. You will pass through many Sherpa villages during the trek where you can live in their houses and observe their traditional lifestyles. Many communities even hold special programs to entertain the tourists and to share their costumes, dances, lifestyles and customs with the rest of the world. Many of the home-stay programs allow you to get acquainted with the brave Sherpas and their stories about wars to Everest expeditions. They are one of the most famous people in the world for their bravery and extreme lifestyles and will treat you with the warmest hospitality making sure your trip is one you never forget.

Everest Base Camp trek is full of wonderful experiences to make your holiday a beautiful one.

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