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Nepal is rightfully called the land of Himalayas as it has eight out of fourteen 8000’ders in the world, including the highest mountain, the Mount Everest. With the snow clad magnificent Himalayas, Nepal can offer a captivating, challenging and adventurous treasures for any traveler. Climbing the Himalayas is always considered to be one of the greatest of adventures, hence the Peak climbing in Nepal is one of the most famous adventure expeditions in the world. Nepal has 1,310 peaks above 6000 meters, of which 238 are open for climbing.

Peak climbing in Nepal offers the best choices of mountain expeditions for both the experienced and the novice climbers. The great 8000’ders including the grand Everest stands as an exciting challenge for any experienced mountaineers whereas the small scale mountains may be a great adventure for novice climbers. The mountaineering expedition to mountains such as Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Manaslu, Lhotse, Everest etc are ideal for the one looking for a challenging mountaineering experience. Climbing the high peaks requires a high level of physical and mental endurance with a good level of mountaineering skills and training.

There are smaller mountains ranging from 5587 to 6654 meters, which are known as “trekking peaks”. Climbing these trekking peaks may be the next step from simply trekking in the Himalayas. These mountains are comparatively easier to climb and it can be climbed by any healthy person with minimum training and experience of mountain climbing. Climbing lower peaks also serve as training for those aiming higher mountains above 8000m. Trekking peaks offers an exciting adventure for both the experienced trekkers and novice climbers.

Himalayan Eco Treks and Travel Nepal offers the peak climbing in Nepal for the small scale mountain peaks such as Island Peak and Mera Peak. We provide all the services to aid your adventure. Our high quality services and dedicated management will make sure that you have a safe and happy experience while travelling in Nepal.

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