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Hari Bhuvan Bhaju Managing Director Adventure Consultant
Hari Bhuvan Bhuju is a passionate Trekking Leader holding over a decade experience in organizing treks and travel arrangements with local as well as International Tours and Trekking companies. He started his Trek adventure with one of the leading companies in Kathmandu where he sharpened his knowledge of the Himalaya and mastering the art of high altitude trekking in Nepal and in Tibet. In his 14 years of adventure career, Hari has probably acquired every bit of travel and trekking knowledge. He has also been at forefront in opening new trekking trails in the villages of Nepal as part of social initiative for income generation. Hari has extensive experience in rafting, jungle safari, family adventure, four season trekking in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Hari is himself a motivation for a lot of Trekkers and Travellers in Nepal, Butan and Tibet. He was born in culturally rich Town Bhaktapur in Newar family and loves leading trekking groups into the High altitude of Everest Region, Annapurna, Langtang, of the beaten trekking and in the High altitude trekking plateau of Tibet. He possesses basic Knowledge of French, Italian and Spanish, Tibetan languages. Hari holds a graduate degree in English Literature and Demography. As a whole Hari is a proud Nepali Adventure expert who offers his sharp and perfect knowledge to take care of your adventure journeys. He still leads trekking into Himalayas with you. So be lucky travelling with us

Mrs. Rupa Shrestha Bhuju Executive Director / Reservation / Trainee Guide
Mrs Rupa is a young and energetic member of our Team. She looks after the booking and reservation department. She is also a Tour guide trainee with us. One of the potential tour guide for multicultural Nepal and prioritized Rural Far West Nepal Tourism.

Malaysia/ Singapore Contact Trekking and Tours Expert
My name is Yeow Foo, originally from Malaysia, and now working as a pharmacist in Singapore. Fell in love with mountain trekking since childhood time. I had been to Mount Tahan and Mount Ledang in Malaysia. In the past few years, I have been concentrating on the Himalayas in Nepal. Nepal has become like my second home, and Nepal Himalayas are always the highlight of my visit there. I have covered Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp and Langtang-Gosainkunda treks so far, and will aim for more adventurous treks soon! I always find myself energized and “alive” in the midst of the Himalayas, the feeling that you have to be there yourself to experience it! Apart from trekking, Nepal is so rich of its cultural heritage that you won’t want to miss either. Touring with Himalayan Eco Treks & Travel will also enable you to contribute to the social work in Nepal through the “Remote Area Children Charity Program”, in which you will have the chance to give while enjoying your holidays in Nepal.

Coming soon Air Ticketing Manager
Contact Email: travel@himalayanecotrek.com
Raj Kumar Magar Local Trek Leader, young accomplished Guide from SoluKhumbu
Raj is our versatile guide. He has been our favorite choices from the beginning as a promising Trekking Group Leader. Young and passionate trekking guide, Raj knows Nepali dances, playing Guitar, singing etc. Coming from a family of trekking professionals he has natural quality of leading clients and taking on cultural tours into the stunning Himalayas. Raj is originally from Solu Khumbhu, Everest region. Since trekking with him is entertaining and full of Knowledge, you can ask him anything about Nepal.

Beepin Manandhar Trek Guide
Beepin is a young and Dynamic Tourism student in Bachelor. He is a photographer genetically and have passion to grow in Tourism with us. He is assisting all our official trek and tours administration. Beepin is also getting expert in trek and tour handling after his training period with us from 2015.

Bottom Bahadur Gurung Camping Trekking Chef / guide
Bottom is from Gurung tribe from Solu Khumbu, Everest Trekking area. He has been working as a trekking chef, guide and porter manager since 1985 in the trekking of Nepal. Cheerful and honest as he is also expert in presenting the yummy food items everyday in the remote camping trekking. We are happy to get him as a team member in our every camping trek as a chef and our pre company trekking colleague who never like to miss us in trekking in every season ofNepal.

Ashis Gurung Trekking Guide
Ashis is jolly experienced trekking guide with us since 2012.At the beginning he has started as a free lance guide. He is very good in French and in English. He is originally from Solukhumbhu with the extra trekking hospitality services. We always see you happy with him as with our other expert Himalayan Guides.

Niranjan Lama Trek and Peak Climbing Guide
Niranjan is our free lance guide since 2012. He is High altitude guide that ‘s what he used to be known and take care of you in the passes as excellent as big smile in the awesome passes above 5000 meter.

Phurba Sherpa Trek Guide cum Promising Leader from Everest Region
Phurba Sherpa is a second generation of Trekking guides and peak climber. Educated in Kathmandu since child hood, Phurba believes in using tourism as a means of increasing economic benefits on local level. All of his brothers and sisters are engaged in adventure tourism. He is leading our treks to Himalayas of Nepal and dreams to climb Everest one day.

Babu Ram Gurung Trekking Guide
Babu ram Gurung is one of the versatile guide of Himalayan Eco Treks and Travel who has the skill of camping trekking food preparation , guiding and climbing various peaks of Nepal. Originally from Solukhumbhu, would always like to trek for services and clients interest. He had been with us in many treks before and in the coming up years as well despite his seasonal abroad work. He is for memorable and cheerful trekking experience for our valuable clients.

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