Holi- Festival of Colors

Holi festival Nepal

Holi also known as fagu or ‘fagu purnima’ in Nepal is a popular festival among all Hindus. Holi falls in the spring time either February or March. This year in 2018 the holi festival falls on 01st  March in kathmandu valley.

According to legend, an ancient king Hiranyakashipu grew arrogant, thought he was God, and demanded that everyone worship only him. While his own son, Prahlad disagreed as he was devoted to Lord Vishnu. The king then subjected Prahlad to cruel punishments but he always remained undamaged. Finally, an evil aunt of Prahlad Holika tricked him into sitting on a fire with her. Holika supposed to be immune to the fire was burned to death while Prahlada was not. The bonfire is a symbolic representation of the fire that burned Holika. Holi festival starts with a Holika bonfire a night before where people gather around and enjoy dancing and singing. The other day, a carnival of colours starts where participants play with colors, Exchanging colors on each other with dry powdered colours and colored water. The participants chase each other carrying toy water guns and water filled balloons while throwing it at each other. People enjoy different sweets and drinks and with families and friends at this day. Some intoxicating drinks and sweets are also allowed at this festival such as Bhang, an intoxicating substance extracted from cannabis leaves, which is mixed with drinks and sweets to be consumed among all the participants.

Among many other festivals in Nepal, Holi is one of the liveliest  festival where  everyone enjoy  throwing  water balloons, different colors at each other and also face painting themselves  in multi-colors from head to toe to the point where you cannot even recognize yourself. Holi is such festival which is all about happiness, laughing, smiling and enjoying and sharing of love with family, friends and relatives in a playful environment. At this vibrant festival, even the enemies find their way back to each other and become close again. Everyone forgets their background whether they are rich or poor, belong to different ethnic communities, you become one and celebrate the festival of joy and colors together.

Holi is official holiday in Nepal. Offices are closed on this day in hilly region to celebrate however, People in Terai region and the Marwari communities of Kathmandu celebrate holi a day later than the Hilly regions. If you are looking for a best place to celebrate holi in Kathmandu, the Thamel Streets and all three Durbar Squares are the places not to miss out. Generally, All three Durbar squares in Kathmandu are absolutely filled with crowds from all over the countries where, many events are publicly organized with traditional music, concerts and other programs. At the streets of Kathmandu however, one can find many local kids and participants chasing each other with water-guns and balloons. Pokhara is also not a bad place to find yourself at this day of the year, you can walk along the Lakeside Road where you can find many locals and tourist enjoying this special event of the year.

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