Infographics – 50 Tips for Staying Safe as a Solo Female Traveller


Traveling Solo to a new place is one of the most liberating experiences on the planet. It can be fun, relaxing and insightful, but sometimes it can turn into a terrifying nightmare. The world is not absolutely safe and secure as we wish it to be. Crimes like theft, scams and sexual harassment are not uncommon while traveling. Although safety is a very important aspect of every traveler, a solo female traveler without proper preparedness may be more vulnerable to such crimes and security threats in a foreign land. Safety concerns are the number one reason why females don’t travel alone.

Don’t let the world stop you from your journey to the life’s most enthralling experiences. Instead, follow these fifty safety tips for solo female travelers that we have compiled to make your traveling experience safer and more fun in a foreign land.

Infographics Tips for Staying Safe as a Solo Female Traveller


So don’t worry and enjoy your experience travelling solo. As long as you do some careful planning, remain vigilant and follow our tips for the safety, you are to have a safe and fun filled travel experiences.

If you have any travelling tips for a solo traveler that we have missed, feel free to share with us and the world.

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