Tourism in Nepal after Earthquake

Nepal is safe for tourism

On 2015 April 25, a major earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale hit central Nepal. The earthquake was responsible for deaths over 9,000, and left 23,000 injured. It caused in about 5 billion USD of damage which is about 25% of Nepal’s GDP.  After more than a year and half the question still remains, Is Nepal safe for Tourism and other activities? You may have the same question as the thousands of tourists planning their holiday in Nepal that whether Nepal still remains the same or whether the tourism in Nepal is really over.

A year and half on, from the first earthquake, reconstruction continues in Nepal, but tourism is very much open for business in a country where there's so much to love. Especially when tourism makes up to 25% of Nepal’s Economy, Nepal needs their tourists more than ever.  Trekking trails in the most popular Everest and Annapurna regions are open and clear. The seven of the UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites located in Kathmandu Valley and Bhaktapur have also reopened.  Everything is back to normal and Nepal is bouncing back. Nepal has been placed as one of the top countries to visit for 2016 by Rough Guides, a leading and renowned travel publisher in the world.

nepal is safe

The local authorities in Nepal, including Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) have declared that Everest and Annapurna Circuit are safe and open to trekkers.  Annapurna region is considered as the paradise for any trek lover which is also open and safe as ever.  For the relatively easy trekking a short hike to Nagarkot to Dhulikhel offers a great scenic view of the nature and amazing Himalayan views.  The hospitality business is also reopened as the infrastructures are running with no difficulties what so ever.  90% of hotels have been inspected and are made sure they hold no danger to guests while the unsafe ones are closed.  Most of the tourist areas have reopened including the restaurants and shops throughout the Kathmandu Valley. Even in remote trekking areas, the food and accommodation is adequate and amazing.

The rainy season is almost over and the best time to visit Nepal which is September to late November is very close.  Autumn season is the best time to visit Nepal and you can cannot do anything more to help than visit Nepal. At that time of the year skies are clear and the weather is dry, which are perfect for trekking activities and other adventurous activities. The weather is clear than ever which makes the scenic view of Himalayan ranges clear and is perfect for cultural sightseeing. Tourism has just revived, and Nepal is ready to amaze you with its natural beauty and beautiful people. With the newly reconstructed infrastructures and the cultural sites renovated Nepal is safe and amazing to travel than ever.  Nepal awaits you for your wonderful journey. Nepal has finally risen.

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