Why Visiting Nepal Post Earthquake can be Your Most Fulfilling Trip?

Visit Nepal after earthquake

On  25th April 2015, Nepal was shaken by the earthquake of 7.8 magnitude which caused death toll over 8000 and huge loss of buildings and cultural heritages. Despite the horror during the earthquake, this autumn may be the best time to visit Nepal. In fact, this may turn into one of your most fulfilling trip Ever.  Here is how visiting Nepal post earthquake is an awesome idea:

1. Nepal is as Beautiful as Before:

Nepal is still beautiful with its mountains, lakes and serenity. Not all are gone, Nepal has a lot more places to see, that would be exciting, adventurous and beautiful.Nepal is beautiful

2. Great Value for Money:

Nepal’s Hotels and tour operators are offering some great deals and discounts on their services, Making already budget friendly Nepal more affordable. Don’t miss this opportunity to relish the great services for less price. Great Value of money - Visit Nepal

3. The other side of Nepalese People:

Nepalese are well known around the world for their bravery and  their hospitality. This is a time you can see them being resilient and uniting to rebuild the country.  Different side of Nepal

4. Nepal is back to Normal:

Nepal is back to normal. Roads, transport, Telecommunication, electricity and other services are all operating normally. Both the national and international airports in Nepal have not suffered any damages and are operating normally, making travel to Nepal safe and risk-free. Visit Nepal Post earthquake

5. Nepal needs you

At the time of the tragedy, nothing is more comforting than support from a friend.  If you love Nepal, come to Nepal.  Nepal needs you. Nepal needs you

6. Less Crowd more fun:

The beautiful and famous Trekking routes of Nepal of Nepal usually crowded with tourist. Lucky you, this time you will have the mountains and the trails for yourself. Beautiful Nepal after earthquake

7. Volunteering can be fulfilling:

This is the time your voluntary service will have the ultimate value as your help will be needed the most. Bring your skills to Nepal, teach children, build villages, clean the rubbles or help with your management skills. Any help is a great help.Volunteering post earthquake Nepal

8. Helping to rebuild a country:

Nepal’s Economy is highly dependent on its tourism. Visiting Nepal will encourage and give confidence to the Nepalese to go back to their daily life.  Visiting Nepal at the time may be one of the most sustainable help you can offer to the country. Helping to rebuild nepal

9. Holiday with a cause:

For most us, the holidays are for relaxation and fun. But this holiday is not just full of fun, but it also carries a much deeper and greater cause for humanity. Holiday with cause in Nepal

10. Nepal is calling you this autumn:

Nepal has always been known for its warm hospitality and most amazing adventures. Nepalese are all set to welcome you this autumn, the most beautiful trekking season.  Listen to your heart, the mountains are calling you.Visit Nepal after earthquake this autumn


You can definitely try out these most amazing trekking adventures while you are in Nepal in autumn 2015.

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