Responsible Tourism in Nepal

Responsible Tourism in Nepal

Remote Area (Himalayan ) Childrens Welfare Fund

Responsible Tourism in Nepal

As a promising adventure trekking and travel company, Himalayan Eco Treks and Travel – Nepal extends a warm greetings and thanks to all our valuable clients, family, friends, facebook friends, well-wishers and advisers.

We are happy to say that we have been successful to serve our clients with full satisfaction in their holiday adventure. The invaluable comment, complement and credibility we have gained so far from the clients obliges us to further commit to be always conscious of making their ultimate holiday unique in Nepal and at the same time ensure to boost the  tourism service company of our path finder- the international travel company.

In this opportunity, we earnestly announce the establishment of Children’s Welfare Fund under our company to make ourselves responsible through remote adventure tourism. For funding this philanthropic campaign, 5 % of our every tourism package cost will be collected in the separate bank account. The fund will be specially used to distribute educational materials, schools educational infrastructure, environmental awareness, health care of school children, information posture and training for the modern agro economic development of the remote areas  where we operate adventure trekking, climbing and expeditions for our adventure tourists.

Our first motto is to enable the people of local trekking area gain quality education as similar as they would acquire from the normal boarding school of major cities. Secondly, we strive to make them capable to generate nice income through the local resources such as applying agro-economic activities, sustainable tourism environment, and handicraft development training with the locally available resources of their own.

We aim to be fully active in this project by the starting of the New Year 2012.

Therefore, we cordially request the interested Nepali and International individual to work together for this project. We receive your suggestions, creative ideas and any contribution with high recognition in Himalayan Eco Treks and Travel – Nepal.

We will be happy to be in touch with interested volunteers, consultant, and surveyors with the similar experiences through e-mail, facebook messages and other possible means of communication for further discussion to mould the project sustainable.

We are committed to do our best in following the rules of one work many benefits for the sake of socio-economic development in all the area where we enjoy our best time for the life time travelling experiences. They are as usual, normally a faraway places in the majestic lap of Himalayas i.e Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Makalu, Manaslu, Tsum valley, Kanchanjungha, Far west Nepal, far east Nepal etc.

Thanks in advance everyone for reading this. We hope to get favorable motivation, suggestions and hands to achieve the goals of project.

We will be posting the detail Remote area Children’s Welfare Fund project in our website


With the best wishes

Hari Bhuvan Bhuju

Managing Director / Adventure Consultant and a management team of Himalayan Eco Treks and Travel – Nepal

Tri-devi marga, Thamel, Kathmandu
Tel:            +977-1-4266382/ 4268550
Mobile:    +977-9841257688


Eco friendly and Responsible tourism

Himalayan Eco Treks and Travel is the eco friendly Himalayan holiday trekking and tour operator of Nepal. We are a company operating trekking in the every corner of the Himalaya and travel throughout the 1,47,181 sq km of Nepal with a serious concern over the vulnerable eco system of the Himalaya and the diversified culture of Nepal.

Our motto is / has been to make people and our staffs aware about the importance of minimizing the effect of the tourism activities wherever they go- from the popular hiking destinations to the remote areas of Himalayan ecology. So, we, at management level, are highly conscious with the importance of tourism and its potential effect on the adventure destinations of Nepal. We are always  active in motivating our trekking staff from all over the remote areas of Nepal to learn Eco system and its beauty for the future generation. So we ensure they carry greatest education of the eco tourism with us to utilize in the near potential problem of the global warming in the future as well.

Responsible Tourism in Nepal

Responsible Tourism in Nepal
Himalayan Eco Treks and Travel – Nepal is committed to responsible tourism, through its policies and practices which permeate all aspects of its business. The company’s policies aim to ensure that HETT-Nepal and its clients act in a way which is socially, environmentally and culturally sound. We understand seriously that all our Nepal holidays should benefit the local communities, field staff from the remote areas, protect the environment by minimizing pollution, and respect local traditions, religion and heritage. We tread lightly – low volume, low impact Nepal trekking/touring is the best way of preserving the beautiful and fragile places we visit.

HETT-Nepal is an adventure trekking and travel company with a real difference. We cater for all ages and any group size, ranging from family trekking holidays to school adventure activities. We can customize any of your life time holiday in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan at any time within 24 hrs and can take care of you safely, friendly and flexibly from the arrival to departure. You can be assured of upgraded services with the utmost attention to detail. Our team has many years experience and are highly trained. Along with the opportunity for upbringing, Education and Our sincere commitment towards responsible tourism benefit for all makes our Sherpa and Porters, tour guides long to work with our management team.

Our Nepal Responsible Adventures commitment:
•    Social
•    Customer
•    Team work/ Staff
•    Charity
•    Profit


Social responsibility is an important part that we are serious to make difference in our every remote area Trekking Adventure in Nepal. Higher the volume- higher the responsibility towards Society and their Culture, Customs, Religion and Languages. Receiving only is not mean sustainable forever. To be sustainable we have to give respect towards local and careful about atmosphere as well as surrounding Environment.  In those activities we are very sensitive and follow the HETT-Nepal plan of give back to the society where we will have adventure fun of the lifetime.


We believe “Guests are the Gods.” you are very important for us and we make sure that you get the best packages you desire for the leisure management with  the full of respect, value and hospitality that you deserve. We take care and provide all the services and facilities required to your behalf because we yearn to see you off satisfied from your every trip.

Team Work/ Staff

Single person is not good enough to serve quality and best services for the guest so, each and every crew member of HETT porter to the manager level and Agency’s effort is parallel and equally important to achieve our goal and mission. We give value to all the Porters, Tour and Trekking guides, tour operator, tour manager s. We provide skill based training every year focusing on the first aid and environmental cleanliness and conservation. Also we provide training of cottage industries or handicrafts to them and their family members in their respective villages during off season. Such trainings are financed by porter benefit fund separated from our trip benefit. Therefore, selecting our team makes your best holiday to Nepal having fun and assisting in Nepal Adventure philanthropy.


Himalayan Eco Treks and Travel have been connected to local charities. Our certain percentage of the trek cost goes towards helping these charities for Education, Health, environment cleanliness etc. There may even be a chance to visit the places and see what your contribution has provided. We do plan and involve you in the Remote area Children Welfare in our remote area beautiful camping treks in Nepal.


We serve for your best holiday fixing out the rare happenings of the local areas during your visit because we know HETT – Nepal is from your best holiday to Nepal experiences. This comes after your satisfaction and successful trip to Nepal. We always look for your facilities and services during your trip to Nepal not being only concerned how to make profit from your trip.

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